DesignBoard Technical Specification

For more information, please refer to the DesignBoard Datasheet.

Options Available Size Available  
Decking3600 × 150 × 20mm 
 Bespoke Sizes Available 
Fascia Board3600 × 180 × 10mm 
Dimensions   Tolerance
Weight18.5 kg/m2± 100 g/m
Length3600mm± 10mm
Technical Test According to the norm Value
Linear Extension CoefficientUNE 531262,81 10-5
Impact ResistanceUNE-EN ISO 179-110,0 kJ/m2
Flexural ModulusUNE-EN ISO 1783900 Mpa
Bending ResistanceUNE-EN ISO 17846.4 Mpa
Maximum Deflection at BreakUNE-EN ISO 1785.1 Mpa
Shore Hardness UNE-ENISO 86865
Water Absorption (7 days in water at 23°C)UNE-EN ISO 620.0097
Water Absorption (24 hours in water at 23°C)UNE-EN ISO 620.0358
Vicat Softening PointUNE-EN ISO 30687.4°C
DensityUNE-EN ISO 1183-11.44 g/cm3
Impact ResistanceUNE-EN ISO 4770 Breakages
Slip ResistanceUNE-EN 12633Class 3
Reaction to FireUNE-EN 13501-1 :2007Efl - Bfl, s1