DesignBoard Composite Decking Tips and Installation Advice

What is DesignBoard manufactured from?

50% PVC and 50% natural fibers the majority of which are rice husks. Rice husks are low in porosity and therefore degrade much slower when compared to timber which you will find in most other composite products. Rice husks are also a bi-product of grain manufacturing and would otherwise be incinerated.

How long will it last? Does it fade?

As long as it is installed correctly you should expect a lifespan of over 25 years. DesignBoard fades at an average of 1% per year, so, after 25 – 30 years you may start to see the effects of this. This is normal. However, it is worth noting that it will be more apparent on the darker colours such as Charcoal and to a lesser extent, on Silver.

Is every piece the same or is there a range of pattern variations?

The base colour of the material is the same but there is a range of different patterns to provide variation to the surface finish.

Does DesignBoard come with a guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 10-year guarantee against structure and surface finish of the material.

Can DesignBoard be used to build furniture? e.g. a bench, bin store etc.

DesignBoard can be used in many ways provided it has the benefit of support every 400mm and the 4mm gap between boards (as set out in the installation guide) is adhered to. Ideally, you would still use the clip system, but the boards can be screwed from the face or the underside if necessary. We would not advise using it as either a countertop or in the construction of any furniture which is likely to have a burner installed.

Can I put a fire pit or fire bowl onto my DesignBoard?

This depends upon the heat exposure and type of firepit that you are intending on installing.

  • Wood burning fire pit or chiminea

    No, as the heat exposure is too great and there is a potential risk of embers landing onto the deck causing damage.

  • Ethanol fire bowls / tables

    As these tend to have minimal heat output they should be fine providing that they are raised by a minimum of 300mm and are not constructed entirely of metal.

  • Gas fire bowls / tables

    Again, these should be fine providing burners are raised a minimum of 350mm from the deck and that their construction not be made solely of metal.

We would always recommend there is a gap to the underside allowing for a good airflow to prevent a build up of heat under the burners.

Please note – we are unable to provide any guarantees of compatibility and customers should always seek advice from the manufacturer of their chosen fire pit, bowl or table.

DesignBoard Product Guide


DesignBoard Product Guide

The comprehensive DesignBoard product guide provides detailed information as to everything needed to successfully install the composite decking boards for a perfect finish. The guide contains details as to all the tools required to complete the job, top tips for installation; including guidance for installing in a variety of site conditions, advice on which edge profile to choose; and how to install the different profiles. As well as these handy tips the guide also gives easy to follow installation instructions for the sub frame and decking boards. Lastly the guides offer suggestions for easy cleaning and on-going maintenance tips for the decking boards, as well as frequently asked questions and technical information for user convenience.

DesignBoard Data Sheet

Options Available Size Available  
Decking 3600 × 150 × 20mm  
Fascia Board 3000 × 180 × 10mm  
Dimensions   Tolerance
Weight 18.5 kg/m2 ± 100 g/m
Width 150mm 0.5mm
Thickness 20mm 0.5mm
Length 3600mm ± 10mm
Technical Test According to the norm Value
Linear Extension Coefficient UNE 53126 2,81 10-5
Impact Resistance UNE-EN ISO 179-1 10,0 kJ/m2
Flexural Modulus UNE-EN ISO 178 3900 Mpa
Bending Resistance UNE-EN ISO 178 46.4 Mpa
Maximum Deflection at Break UNE-EN ISO 178 5.1 Mpa
Shore Hardness UNE-EN ISO 868 65
Water Absorption (7 days in water at 23°C) UNE-EN ISO 62 0.0097
Water Absorption (24 hours in water at 23°C) UNE-EN ISO 62 0.0358
Vicat Softening Point UNE-EN ISO 306 87.4°C
Density UNE-EN ISO 1183-1 1.44 g/cm3
Impact Resistance UNE-EN ISO 477 0 Breakages
Slip Resistance UNE-EN 12633 Class 3
Reaction to Fire UNE-EN 13501-1 :2007 Efl - Bfl, s1

DesignBoard Warranty

DesignBoard offers a 10-year warranty for the profiles that make up the surface of the decking, guaranteeing they will not rot, splinter or be destroyed by insects or fungi. Should any of the above faults occur, the warranty will exclusively cover the replacement of the profiles affected by equivalent profiles at the time the claim is lodged. Any other possible compensation or claim relating to the disassembly and assembly of the pieces replaced, transport or other costs derived from the faulty product is excluded.

The warranty does not cover incorrect use, excess weight, incorrect installation, non fulfilment of assembly instructions or the use of products that do not belong to the system. The colour will fade slightly over time, but this is no cause for a claim to be lodged. This warranty will only cover decks that have been assembled with DesignBoard fasteners and joists. In order to lodge a claim, clients must submit: purchase invoice, photographs of the faulty pieces and a description of the damage.