DesignBoard Installation

How Is DesignBoard Different To Other Composite Decking?

DesignBoard Composite Decking has a unique and simple method of installation. Let’s explore what sets DesignBoard apart from other composite decking boards. We will set out basic installing principles that makes DesignBoard composite decking a little different. Full guidance and installation tips are contained within our product guide, click here to view this in full.

DesignBoard Different To Other

Rae Wilkinson shows us that an immaculate finish is achievable at RHS Chatsworth in 2019. Her garden won a deserved gold medal.

The Key Difference

The most significant installation difference that DesignBoard has compared to other composite decking, is the hidden clip system between each board. The durability of the clips increases the longevity of the decking boards to really put your composite decking through the test of time.

The clips are entirely hidden once the planks are fitted into place. This hidden clip system produces a completely seamless finish once installation is completed. Composite decking boards that use screws to fix the boards in place lead to screws being left visible after installation – potentially leaving an unsightly result.

DesignBoard Different To Other

DesignBoard Composite Decking’s innovative clip installation system. Here you can see the boards neatly slotting into the underside of each decking board.

DesignBoard composite decking uses a one-sided clipping system. The clips are placed between each board and then screwed, to secure the board, on one side. By using this simple clipping system, a consistent gap is achieved along the length of the board. This system means that an extremely small gap can be left between each board. Only an expansion gap of 4mm is required, which is extraordinary. This small gap gives the decking a tight finish, for an impressive visual impact.

DesignBoard Different To Other

The DesignBoard Edging Strip is a beautiful finishing detail of the composite decking.

The clipping system is so simple to use it can lead to a reduction in the installation time for composite decking. Throw-in the immaculate result you can achieve, and we’re confident that you will leave customers thrilled with the finish.

What Else Makes DesignBoard Superior To Other Composite Decking?

The hidden clipping system plays a major part in creating a flawless finish to the decking, but it is not the only component. Colour Match Screws blend seamlessly with the decking boards and are unnoticeable once installed. Colour Match Screws are ideal for a multitude of uses. The screws can be used when securing fascia boards and when using profiled boards – such as our Pencil Round Boards. Use the Colour Match Screws when installing the final decking board in a design for a perfect finish. Each colour from the DesignBoard range has a complementary Colour Match Screw.

DesignBoard Different To Other

County Landscapes used DesignBoard Luna on this scheme, and made a feature of the screws in the front-facing fascia boards.

For a feature that injects some additional interest to the decking, why not incorporate the DesignBoard Edging Strip? The Edging Strips are produced from galvanized steel and will create an attractive edging solution. Like the boards themselves, this system does not require any screws, maintaining the DesignBoard invisible fixing system, and contemporary minimalist style.

Overall, the key difference between DesignBoard and other composite decking is the clean, seamless finish you can deliver. Take a look at our Inspiration Page to see for yourselves!

Find all the products mentioned above, and more including – DesignBoard Screws and DesignBoard Subframe on our “Fixing” page. Installation tips and guidance can be found in the Installation Guide on the “Advice” page. If you require anymore assistance, please contact a member of the sales team.