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DesignBoard Composite Decking Tips And Advice

Our DesignBoard Composite Decking Tips and Installation Advice page is packed full of useful information. Everything you need to know, from what the material is made from, to information on a product guarantee, is conveniently located on this one page.
DesignBoard Composite Decking Tips

Hill-Wood & Co used DesignBoard DesignBoard Mocha and Cinnamon to great effect on their scheme from 2019.

What can you find on this page?

On this page you will find insights into this contemporary composite decking material. For example, how it is manufactured. Increasingly customers are demanding to know how their products are produced. By understanding how products are made we can understand their environmental impact. We can then make better choices when purchasing products to influence the industry for the better.


The DesignBoard data sheet, found on this page, contains a variety of fascinating facts. Basic information, like the available colour options and dimensions of the decking can be found here. More intriguingly you can also find results of technical testing on the decking to better understand DesignBoard.
DesignBoard Composite Decking Tips

TLC used DesignBoard Mocha as a raised decking feature on this scheme in the north of England.

The colour of the decking you select is important to your design. On this page you will find useful information about DesignBoard colour variations. Some fading in the years after installation is normal. As well as details on the average rate of fading, you can also find out the projected lifespan of the decking.
Don’t forget that your DesignBoard composite decking comes with a 10-year guarantee. The warranty details are included within the content of this page for an easy point of reference.
DesignBoard Composite Decking Tips

The DesignBoard Product Guide is an essential tool for use when installing the composite decking.

Did you know that DesignBoard can be used to make furniture? DesignBoard’s hard-wearing, low maintenance and durable qualities make it a great product for creating innovative garden furniture for your project. Our handy product guide will assist you in constructing quality furniture from DesignBoard. The possibilities are endless!
DesignBoard can be used effortlessly to produce remarkable focal points. Fire bowls, fire pits or chimeneas are a simple, yet elegant, way to inject style into your garden. Increasingly popular in garden designs, as well as practical for extended the time you can spend outside enjoying your garden. Adding a fire bowl allows you to enjoy your garden whatever the weather and throughout the winter months. Combining DesignBoard and fire pits creates an impressive feature. Head over to our Inspiration page for images of spectacular completed projects. However, caution should be taken. On this page you will find information as to how to combine the two safely in your design.
DesignBoard Composite Decking Tips

KJC Architects used DesignBoard Traditional on this house refurbishment in London. Image courtesy of Massimo Crisafi.

What else?

Need advice on how to install your composite decking? Situated on this page you will find a link to our handy product guide. The guide contains detailed information about how to install your composite decking to a professional standard. The guide lets you know exactly what tools you need for the job. A user-friendly step-by-step guide, complete with diagrams, will take you through the installation process. If you’re an experienced composite decking installer you may still find this guide useful. Tips of installing different profiles or sub-frames and installing the decking in different weather conditions are all within this guide. You may also be interested in our cleaning tips section, once the job is completed.
Head over to the DesignBoard Composite Decking Tips and Installation Advice page for to find all of this useful information.