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Cost Materials Easily With The DesignBoard Deck Calculator

Cost Materials Easily With The DesignBoard Deck Calculator – learn more about how to use this innovative new online tool

You may have noticed some changes to the DesignBoard website recently (more on this in the coming weeks!). The DesignBoard Composite Decking calculator is now up and running and ready to crunch some numbers. If you’ve visited the website recently you would have noticed the calculator’s icon taking prime position on the homepage. Having an accurate estimation of material costs is a valuable tool when planning a job.

Cost Materials With The DesignBoard Deck Calculator

The new DesignBoard website has all the tools you need to quickly work-out the materials you need.

The DesignBoard Composite Decking website is extremely simple to navigate. The calculator icon can also be found at the bottom of each of the product pages from the collect. Clicking on the calculator icon will take you straight to the relevant page. From here it’s just a matter of entering a few simple details and you will have your estimation in a matter of minutes.

All you need to know for the calculator are a few dimensions; the length, width and length of any exposed edges.

Will your project be at ground level or a roof terrace?

This will impact the number of individual post length’s you will need but not much else. Once you have completed these details hit “Estimate Deck Costs” and your materials costs estimation will be immediately displayed. It really is that easy.

DesignBoard Deck New Website

Simple and clear – the new DesignBoard website is now live.

Other factors to consider

Remember that this estimation is for material costs only. When estimating the costs of an entire job it is important to keep in mind the other costs that need to be factored in. The costs of labour need to be considered; this cost will come down to the experience of the installer and the type of scheme you have in mind. For example, difficult access or working near (or on!) water are likely to increase your labour costs.

For help finding installers visit our “Find a DesignBoard Composite Decking installer near you” page. This will help you find local installers in your area; you can view their profiles and find their contact details.

DesignBoard Deck Calculator

The DesignBoard materials Calculator is simple to use and easy to adjust to your specification.

When using a high-quality product such as DesignBoard you should anticipate that the decking materials should make up around two thirds of the project cost. If you are looking for a more complex design or are laying the decking over different levels, this may also increase the costs. Simple designs will keep costs down, you can then use soft landscaping to add some more creative features and add that bit of wow-factor.

For ideas on to how to complement your DesignBoard Composite Decking and create show garden-worthy designs, visit the “DesignBoard Composite Decking Inspiration” page, easily accessed along the top banner of the website.

Cost Materials With The DesignBoard Deck Calculator

A simple breakdown of material costs is neatly presented once you have input your dimensions.

Once you have your material cost estimation you can order the correct amount of decking without any surprises. Don’t forget to visit the “DesignBoard Composite Decking Tips and Installation Advice” page on the website. Here you will find helpful information on DesignBoard, including details of the warranty.

If you haven’t given the calculator a try yet, then stop by and accurate calculate your next job. Of course, if you do want to discuss the estimation or have any questions then we would be happy to hear from you.