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DesignBoard Composite Decking Colour Match Screws

DesignBoard Composite Decking Colour Match Screws

One of the big advantages of DesignBoard composite decking is its fixing system. So many designers and contractors have commented on it specifically.

DesignBoard Composite Decking Screws

DesignBoard Composite Decking Colour Match Screws – handy for installation

Designer Rae Wilkinson called it “an easy product to work with” after using it recently for her multi-award winning garden at RHS Chatsworth. Brett Penny of Limebok Landscaping enthused, “I love it. I think out of all the hidden clip systems that it’s the best one we’ve used.” And Neil Sutcliffe of Creative Roots said, “The hidden fixings system is great. We had no problems.”

Perfect Gap Between Boards Every Time

The hidden clip system is absolutely all you need for most situations. Cleverly designed to give a perfect gap between boards every time, this screwless installation gives our composite decking the smooth, seamless look that works so well in contemporary designs.


DesignBoard Composite Decking Screws

DesignBoard’s short instructional video will help you see how to install the screws

However, not all situations are the same, which is why we’ve introduced colour-matched screws for those times when additional fixing makes life easier. One specific situation, for example, would be when the contemporary decking butts up against a boundary wall, or when installing a fascia board. It makes the job a lot faster and less fiddly if the last board in against the brickwork is screwed down.

DesignBoard Composite Decking Screws

Available to view on YouTube, the video is packed with helpful imagery

Instructional Video To Assist With Installation

We’ve extended our DesignBoard range to include screws matched to our range of standard colours. They’re small too, making their addition unobtrusive while making sure the lay of the boards is perfect. Take a look at this short video to see the screws in action.

It’s all part of our customer service. Designers and contractors told us how useful it would be to have these as part of the DesignBoard toolkit. If you have any suggestions on how we can make your working day easier, then we’re always eager to hear them and, if we can, to do something about it.