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How To Lay Composite Decking

How To Lay Composite Decking – learn more about how extreme weather 

The arrival of winter can be a headache when it comes to landscaping, purely because the weather creates an obstacle. “The nice thing about DesignBoard composite decking,” says Antony Pasquini, DesignBoard general manager, “is that you can keep cutting and installing. There’s really nothing to stop you. If you’re using a compound saw, you want to keep that dry, of course, but otherwise you could lay in the rain, if you wanted to.”

How To Lay Composite Decking

How To Lay Composite Decking –  A warming scheme designed by VaRa Garden Design, showing DesignBoard Cinnamon 

This is a far cry from the problems of laying stone in winter, when the prospect of water seeping into the mortar bed halts progress in its tracks.

In fact, we can only think of one type of weather where a little care over installing DesignBoard is required – and that’s when temperatures are high. This is because, just like any material, composite decking boards expand (lengthways) in hot weather.

Storing Boards In The Shade

“Landscapers know this. It’s standard practice,” says Antony. “Keep boards in a cool area before installing, so they’re at a temperature – and the length – that you’d expect in the long term.”

Consequently, boards should be stored in the shade in the summer. The worst thing you could do is lay boards out in the grass to cook in the hot sun before laying in place. If temperatures are such that it’s impossible to keep them cool, reduce the recommended 4mm joint between the ends of decking planks to 2mm. This means that when the boards contract with cooler temperatures the joint isn’t larger than desired.

Even in these circumstances, though, DesignBoard carries a little bonus. “Some decking expands and contracts a lot more than DesignBoard,” says Antony. “The wood/plastic composites expand more. DesignBoard contains no wood fibres and incorporates virgin PVC, which is more stable. That’s why there’s less expansion and contraction.”

How To Lay Composite Decking

Getting to grips with the material – DesignBoard general manager Antony shows the London Stone team how to install the composite deck boards

Decking boards measure 3.6m, and if you’re not going to cut them into shorter sections, we recommend trimming them anyway for a totally uniform length, as tolerance is up to 5-10mm. If you’re concerned about particularly warm temperatures, you could always measure them when cold and doublecheck before laying.

With winter hurtling towards us, though, that’s not something anyone will have to consider! What you can be sure of is that, whatever the weather throws at us in the coming months, DesignBoard composite decking won’t be affected.

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