Design Inspiration

Give Your Contemporary Decking An Edge

A unique feature of DesignBoard is the optional aluminium trim. Where it’s incorporated into a garden design, it adds subtle and satisfying detail to the edge of our composite decking and, as you can see in the picture below, works particularly well with contemporary builds.

This hot tub, part of a project by Gardens of the Future based in East London, uses DesignBoard Charcoal as a surround. Leaving the aluminium edging strip exposed creates an eye-pleasing highlight.

DesignBoard’s aluminium edging strip is actually a major part of the installation. It holds the first board in place when you start construction and, thanks to DesignBoard’s clever construction, offers another option when it comes to finishing edges.

There are three edge options to choose from. The closed-face profile hides the edging strip, fitting the fascia flush with surface of the decking for a neat and simple edge.

Alternatively, our bespoke pencil-round profile board offers a seamless border and, perhaps, a match for nearby steps.

Our open-face edge profile is proving popular, however. As you can see in the images, the edging strip is left exposed and the fascia, if required, fitted flush with it below.

The aluminium edging strip tones with DesignBoard Luna and echoes the line of the glass railings in this design and build by County Landscapes of West Sussex.

“A lot of decking tends to have just one option – ‘closed face’,” says DesignBoard Manager Antony Pasquini. “I can’t think of any other supplier that offers a choice of finish like ours.”

As well as adding a strong contrast to a darker colour like Charcoal, it tones with greys and can be used to tie in other colours in the design as in the build below where it edges DesignBoard Mocha in and links with the white and grey Porcelain paving.

A neat contemporary edge ties DesignBoard Mocha in with Porcelain paving in this design and build by TLC, based in Oldham.

The edging strip is part of the simple system of fixings that’s unique to DesignBoard and has garnered a lot of praise from landscapers. Gavin Lee Ellison of Lifestyle Gardens, Surrey, said “I can’t praise them enough.”

“As they’re aluminium, they’re easy to drill and countersink screws into. It won’t rust and it’s strong enough to hold the board,” adds Antony.

Full instructions on how to install an open-face profile, as well as the other profiles, are included in our DesignBoard Product Guide. If you’d like more information or free samples of our range of composite decking colours, don’t hesitate to contact us.