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“Like Lego®!” Grand Designs For DesignBoard Composite Decking

Alcohol is definitely meant to be drunk! So when someone brings alcohol onto the stand, it’s a shame when it ends up on the floor. Or, rather, all over the composite decking.


A sleek, precision finish is customary with DesignBoard composite decking

This is what happened at Grand Designs, Birmingham, earlier this month. “A gentleman had a broken bottle of gin liqueur,” says DesignBoard Manager Antony Pasquini. “Someone pointed out it was dripping from his bag. It was a tan, browny colour.”

Small events like this tend to concentrate the mind. For the next show, we’ll definitely have more than just anti-bacterial wipes to hand to mop up with!

However, what it did demonstrate was just how forgiving our DesignBoard composite decking is. Despite the inadequacy of the wipes in mopping up the sticky brown liqueur, the spill passed unnoticed by visitors arriving later on the stand and, because DesignBoard is so easy to clean, when we got it home we just had to give it a straight-forward wash-down for the decking boards to be as good as new.

Grand Designs turned out to be a show of two halves, with the first three days coinciding with UK Construction Week, bringing a flood of buyers and architects in from the seminars and demonstrations taking place nearby.


DesignBoard at Grand Designs Live, October 2019

Then came the weekend, which, as you’d expect, welcomed more members of the public. “It was pretty much non-stop,” says Antony. It’s always interesting to see what visitors pick-up on when they encounter our composite decking and cladding for the first time and, at Grand Designs, our fixing system came in for a lot of attention.

It seems that a lot of people are planning summer-houses. DesignBoard composite decking is an ideal material for an adjoining patio area, while the matching cladding offers an easy-to-fix wall-covering for an attractive garden building, with no nail-gun and few screws required. “One person even described it as like a Lego® set,” adds Antony. “There was lots of interest in the cladding. It was the most talked-about item on the stand.”

It’s always a treat for us to have the chance to talk about our products. To hear more about the DesignBoard fixing system, or any other aspect of our composite decking, and to ask for free samples of our full range of colours, contact Antony on the number above or email