Talking Rot At The Home Building And Renovating Show

The Home Building and Renovating Show made its second visit of the year to London this month, with DesignBoard there to display its distinct advantages as a leading contemporary composite decking and cladding material.

DesignBoard Cladding in Charcoal, as seen here at BBC Gardener’s World Live 2018 – designed by Wilson Associates, built by Keyscapes

It’s a show with a difference as although visitors are members of the public, the self-build focus means they add a “trade” level of interest in the nuts and bolts of materials. “There were a lot of people interested in decking,” says Antony.

Half the composition of DesignBoard is made up of a natural and fast-renewing resource – rice husks. This vital component, not only gives DesignBoard its longevity, but creates the lovely natural finish that brought plenty of visitors onboard as they reached our stand.

“DesignBoard is a different type of material; it’s innovative,” says Antony. “A lot of what we do at the show is educate people about what’s in the product.” Not surprising when rice husks sound like a food product! “Sometimes people find the idea a bit baffling,” he adds.

The DesignBoard stand, complete with Vistagreen cladding, at the Home Building And Renovating Show, October 2019

Also catching visitors’ attention was our matching composite cladding, with quite a few arriving on the stand with plans to show us. “Cladding was included in the drawing by their architect but the product hadn’t been specified,” says Antony.

While there are a few big builds in the making, it’s certainly not all Grand Design-type projects. “So many are self-builders, building extensions, renovating their houses.”

The point that gets picked up on by a lot of visitors is that DesignBoard is not a sealed system. There are gaps between the boards, so it’s breathable. This is great for decking, but also for cladding. “With a lot of composite cladding the boards are lapped and there’s not a good airflow, which leads to condensation problems,” explains Antony.

Dampness which can’t escape is bad news in the long-term for brickwork. It’s also a not-so-slow death by rot for the wooden battens that many other composite cladding systems use to fix boards to the brickwork. As ever, we were delighted to show visitors how the wood-free fixing system of our composite decking and cladding avoids the need for extensive remedial work further down the line.

The Home Building and Renovating Show was our last but one show for this year. Come back next week for news of Grand Designs, Birmingham.

For more information on our composite decking and cladding, contact Antony on or 01753 212 950.