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DesignBoard Composite Decking’s Magical Way With Textures

A major advantage of DesignBoard composite decking is how it blends a natural look with a sleek, consistent appearance. It’s this unusual combination that allows it to slot comfortably into both traditional and contemporary outdoor spaces. It does, however, offer another advantage.

Textures and colours to please the eye. Botanica’s Charcoal scheme shines in Cheshire.

DesignBoard’s understated appearance makes it an ideal foil for other textures. With a consistent texture and subtle shading, it doesn’t fight other materials, or distract from them. In the joyfully layered design by Botanica Gardens, for example, the Charcoal grey contemporary decking boards offer a calm backdrop that awards the smooth, colourful tiles a starring role while providing a backbone to the whole design.

However, rather magically, our composite decking’s good looks mean that it steps happily into the starring role itself when you want it to. The Traditional DesignBoard features strongly in the picture below, with a smooth steel edging adding a beautifully simple highlight to the two directions of lay.

DesignBoard Traditional is finished with a neat trim by the furniture manufacturer, Bramblecrest

DesignBoard certainly combines well with smoother textures with a more modern, manufactured look. However, its natural feel allows it to work well with natural materials too – wood and stone. In Rae Wilkinson’s Gold-winning design for RHS Chatsworth, Luna offers a calm intervention between busily textured pebbles that surround the DesignBoard platform and the ultra-smooth pebble benches by Ben Barrell.

Rae Wilkinson combines soothing textures and material choices at her serene RHS Chatsworth garden

And in this Gold-winning design by Elaine Portch at RHS Malvern, DesignBoard Mocha offers a complementary support to the wooden slatted panelling, showing off the rich colouring and echoing the lines without distracting attention from it.

Elaine Portch used DesignBoard to create a practical, and no less beautiful, balcony scheme

Designers and landscapers are increasingly finding new combinations of textures and materials to use with DesignBoard contemporary decking, and it’s proving its versatility with every project we’ve seen. If you’d like more information on DesignBoard and to receive free sample of our range of colours, contact us via this website or by phoning 01753 212950.