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DesignBoard Given Starring Role In Show Garden

When Lydia Hill-Wood of Hill-Wood & Co., Chartered Landscape Architects, designed the show garden behind their office in Maidstone, Kent, DesignBoard was one of her must-haves.

Lydia made effective use of DesignBoard Mocha and Cinnamon with sandstone setts and a neat stainless steel edge trim

“I really like DesignBoard. It has grain and texture. What it doesn’t have is anything that stands out too much.” This is something that is a major attraction of our contemporary decking. Not only does is have a streamlined appearance that’s ideal for modern designs, but it’s free of simulated knots and markings often found in composite decking – which can present the problem of becoming too obvious by repeating frequently within the laying pattern.

The moongate provides a the perfect focal point in Lydia’s show garden. DesignBoard has been used to create a raised deck area to the right of this photo

“And I love the choice of colours,” adds Lydia. “I wanted to use Mocha to pick out the house bricks.” It also tones with the orangey shades in the Kandla Grey Sandstone Setts from London Stone and the corten steel that edges the beds and forms the moongate, a major feature of the garden. “It ties everything in together.”

DesignBoard Mocha is used to frame the decking area, as well as highlight the steps down, and Lydia used DesignBoard Cinnamon laid in a Herringbone pattern as the main decked area. “The area is rather long but fairly narrow and I didn’t want to make it look longer,” she adds. “I wanted it to feel wider and to slow people down as they come into the garden.” The answer was a clever laying pattern which disguises the length while at the same time emphasising the central axis of the garden with the apex of the diagonals.

Laid in a Herringbone pattern, sunlight and shade dapple the decked area

There’s also a practical element. “Unlike other setts and paving, it never has any moss or lichen on it. I can hose it down.” In fact, Lydia even runs the vacuum cleaner over it before an event!

If you’d like to see what Hill-Wood & Co as well as DesignBoard can do for your outdoor space, Lydia is happy to see you. “Anyone is more than welcome to come and look.” Also on show is a bespoke canopy and dining area. Despite all this, though, Lydia has a soft spot of the DesignBoard contemporary decking: “It’s one of my favourite pieces of the garden.”