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Straight To The Curve

Sometimes only a curve will do. While curves are not, perhaps, the first shape you associate with composite deck boards, when you combine their long straight lines with a sinuous edge, it can

Luckily, with DesignBoard, that isn’t difficult to do. As you can see pictured, Neil Sutcliffe, of Creative Roots, installed a circular decking in our popular grey composite decking colour, Luna, to complement the firepit and make it the focus of attention. “DesignBoard can be cut any way, same as timber,” explains DesignBoard General Manager, Antony Pasquini.

This scheme from Creative Roots shows how using a circular shape can enhance a decking design

With the addition of the fascia, however, it can, not only accommodate a sinuous line, it can be the line, as in this swimming pool design using DesignBoard Polar.

The fascia is not just cosmetic. Because of the way they are manufactured, DesignBoard planks are not a consistent 20mm thick across their entire length. “You do have to hide that,” says Antony Pasquini. “That’s what the fascia is for.” However, it is the fascia that helps make DesignBoard so versatile, introducing the possibility of creating a wide range of edges.

Full instructions are provided in our Installation Guide, but once you’ve provided an accurate, stable subframe, installing the fascia involves just screwing it to the subframe using pre-drilled and countersunk steel screws.

The curved edges of this swimming pool adds interest and makes great use of the pool’s situation

Tight curves of a metre radius or less will require a heat gun (such as you use for paint stripping) to heat the board up. “It’s done quite slowly,” says Antony. “You don’t want to melt it. You fix the start, heat a little bit, bend it round till you get to where you need to be, and fix it as you go along.

“You could set up a jig, clamp the fascia into it, and as it cools it will set the shape,” he adds.

All about the curves – DesignBoard has been used to clad this building in an interesting and unusual way

As with every material, it’s a matter of getting used to it. “Curves are lovely for a design,” adds Antony. “They’re a bit more fun.” And once you realise just what DesignBoard offers, look what else you might want to do!

For more information on how to use DesignBoard and for a free sample box of our range of nine colours, contact us on 01753 212950 or email Antony