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Swimming With Confidence: Composite Decking At The Poolside

There’s a natural affinity between decking and swimming pools. Perhaps it’s the subliminal connection to sailing boats and the sea. Stepping out of the water onto boards that conjure the smooth lines of a yacht creates a whole ambiance of its own.

DesignBoard Cinnamon used her around a pool, provides the perfect contrast to the blue pool tiles and ripples of the water

DesignBoard composite decking is an ideal surround to a swimming pool. Its clean lines complement the simple outline, whether you prefer the cool blonde appearance of DesignBoard Silver or Polar against the blue water, or the warmer contrast of Amber or Charcoal. At the same time it maintains a natural appearance that sits well with water.

Straight boards don’t restrict your design to straight lines, either. DesignBoard composite decking, which can be cut with the same tools used for timber, will accommodate curves that add a sinuous sleekness to the poolside.

A perfectly neat edge finish for Traditional DesignBoard, used here in a contemporary poolside scheme

Decking boards allow you to play with spatial illusion, too. Want your pool to look longer? Run the boards lengthwise along the side of the pool. Want to emphasise the poolside seating area? Place the boards at right angles to the water in contrast to the pool’s longer edges.

DesignBoard’s hidden fixing system creates a consistent 4mm gap along the long edges, which allows air circulation and drainage, meaning that your decking boards shrug off wet footprints and drippy towels.

Luna DesignBoard, used in this poolside project creates a sense of space and uniformity, against the naturistic backdrop

Add in the fact that where wood could create difficulties, becoming slippery when wet, and needing regular maintenance to prevent rotting – a hazard that needs extra thought when timber has regular contact with water – DesignBoard offers the good looks of wood with the advantages of low maintenance, a high slip rating and the practical advantages make it even more attractive. Along with the bonus of no splinters!

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