Design Inspiration

Deck Ideas: Getting Creative With Colour And Shape

DesignBoard composite decking comes in nine attractive colours, with warm and cool spectrum well represented. Until recently, the idea of mixing colours within decking meant applying different stains to the timber decking boards, which pretty much explains why decking has remained stubbornly one colour for so long. You know the one – a sort of orangey brown. I mean, who would bother with the extra maintenance?

Composite decking – no staining necessary – offers a totally new opportunity. With a consistent surface texture across all the shades, the possibilities of mixing and matching colours in a design-friendly way opens-up.

Hill-Wood & Co. used DesignBoard Mocha and Cinamon together to create delineating, clean lines on this domestic project

nIt can be practical too. Edging a contemporary deck with a darker colour where it meets a step down gently alerts visitors to the change in level.

Alternatively, you can disguise transitions. With our range of colours, it’s quite possible to find one that will match the flooring inside the house to create a seamless transition to the outdoors, before blending into a different colour for a different effect.

Limebok Landscaping installed DesignBoard Luna with Charcoal as a central panel – simple and effective

Various shades within the range tone beautifully together. Any combination of Cinnamon, Traditional and Mocha within a single deck area would bring movement and interest to a minimalist space or blend with a rustic tones in a more traditional setting.

What makes all this possible is DesignBoard’s consistent texture, which offers the exciting opportunity to get really creative. A large area of decking could, for example, include a circular area in a contrasting colour. DesignBoard cuts like timber, so setting a lighter circular area into a darker coloured square is perfectly feasible.

Give your trees room to grow! Claudia de Yong used DesignBoard in harmony with her soft landscaping on this scheme

Designers are already cutting circles and squares into decking to incorporate trees within the area. An area of the deck delineated in a different colour could set artwork or water features on a firm foundation within the design. Or for outdoor games, an outdoor chess board wouldn’t be overly difficult to lay down with the right preparation.

For a sample box to fire the imagination, or for more information on DesignBoard’s capabilities, contact us on 01753 212 950 or email