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Put Contemporary Decking At A Distance

The first place most people think to put a deck is next to the house. It’s a no-brainer in many ways. There’s nothing like a quiet cup of tea in the early morning sunshine and DesignBoard composite decking is a warm, comfortable material to pad around on with bare feet when you emerge straight from the house.

Claudia de Yong chose to lay her Greenwich DesignBoard directly outside the garden shed – practical and beautiful

However, why tether it to one position? Using the same material in several different parts of garden is a subtle design trick that will unify your outdoor space into a cohesive whole while providing a smart surround for, perhaps, a water feature or a comfortable surface for a gazebo towards the back of the garden.

A bonus is that contemporary decking offers the benefit of a well-drained surface – while your lawn might still be damp underfoot, the decking boards are well on their way to a comfortable warmth in the emerging sunshine, meaning you can get outdoors that bit quicker.

Decking doesn’t have to be stepped up onto – an idea that sometimes puts people off. Constructed flush with the lawn (an option not recommended with real timber because damp from the soil will cause rot) or paving, contemporary decking is a great way to delineate special areas within the garden without a change of level. Set it deep in a border to create a secret place for quiet meditation, perhaps, or in the vegetable garden, where decking boards will create neat, weed-free paths.

Creative Roots have created a beautiful, serene seating area away from the house, using Luna DesignBoard

And what about later in the day? That sunny patio next to the house, where morning tea is so enjoyable, may have been plunged into deep shade come evening when you’re contemplating a cup of cocoa (or something stronger). A walk across the lawn to where the warmth lingers in the decking boards of the evening terrace will extend the use of your garden to all times of day.

DesignBoard comes in nine attractive colours, meaning there’s plenty of choice for both contemporary and traditional garden designs, and a shade to suit your outdoor space wherever you choose to place your contemporary decking.

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