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Barbecue Spills No Problem On DesignBoard Composite Decking

In the midst of a mini heatwave, the sizzling sounds and enticing smells of barbecues can’t be far away. And with barbecues – all that spitting fat and waving of tongs – there’s a fair chance of spillages.

Garden decking is often the favoured spot to put the barbecue, so you want to make sure you don’t end up with a surface that reveals all the meals you’ve ever eaten. Even more, you want to know you can rescue it from the gentle drip of tomato ketchup or the effects of an explosion of sausage fat.

With composite decking schemes being a popular place to eat and outdoor meal, we’re pleased to find a cleaner that really works. Image courtesy of Garden House Design

DesignBoard Composite Decking is stunningly good at shrugging off stains. We tested it widely before bringing it to the UK market and tried dropping just about everything on it – red wine, balsamic vinegar, espresso… You name it; we dropped it! Most everyday marks just wash off. This is because its attractive grain is only slightly porous.

However, oil and fat are powerful adversaries for any material. They tend to be absorbed into the surface, even one that is as minimally porous as DesignBoard.

So, we’ve spent considerable time testing cleaning substances and we recommend Lithofin OIL-EX.

Proving a low-maintenance yet stylish outdoor living space is key to the DesignBoard ethos – image courtesy of EH Associates/Rooz Photography – as featured on Grand Designs

“DesignBoard as a whole is easy maintenance and Lithofin OIL-EX is literally amazing,” says DesignBoard Manager, Antony Pasquini. Applied to a dry surface with a spatula to a depth of 2mm and left for 12 hours, this ready-to-use gel-like paste dries to a powder which draws the oil or grease into it. An added advantage is, as Antony says, “You’re not on your hands and knees, scrubbing, so you’re not breathing it in.” We’ve found it quick and easy too. “For the sort of small area that a barbecue spillage is likely to affect, it literally takes 30 seconds to apply,” he adds.

It’s important to leave it on for the recommended time because, as a paste, it keeps the active ingredients in contact with surface so they can work continuously on fat and oil and lift it out successfully. “You brush the powder off, and give a rinse afterwards, and it removes marks completely,” says Antony. We also recommend this product for natural stone and porcelain.

Occasionally on darker colours you may find a slight watermark effect around the edge of the stain. You can leave this to fade away naturally or wash several times with soapy water to remove it immediately. And that’s it; it’s as easy as that.

We’re delighted to have found a product that works so effectively, and we can assure you we’ve tried a few. It’s the lifting action that really makes the difference with Lithofin OIL-EX. “We just wanted to have an answer for every need,” says Antony. You can also use the product on natural stone and porcelain – perfect!

For more information on any aspect of DesignBoard composite decking, or for free samples of the range of colours, contact Antony on 01753 212 950 or email