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How We Make Sure You Get The Best Customer Service In DesignBoard Composite Decking

We’ve all been there. Where you go into a showroom and the salesperson’s knowledge of the product you want is only what they can read about it in their own brochure. And you stand there thinking, “I could read that faster myself.”



DesignBoard General Manager shows the London Stone sales team how it’s done

With DesignBoard composite decking we know there’s a world of difference between having knowledge of a product and really knowing it. A new product, even an easy-to-install one like DesignBoard, always creates a lot of questions, which is why we reissued our Product Guide recently, but even a comprehensive guide isn’t the same as being face-to-face with someone who knows what they’re talking about.

The London Stone sales team made sure they know the answers to questions posed by customers

This is why all London Stone sales staff are thoroughly trained in how DesignBoard works. “It’s all well and good knowing what you’re selling,” says DesignBoard General Manager Antony Pasquini, “but seeing the product in the flesh, physically understanding your product and how you build-it-up makes all the difference.”

The installation of an Edging Strip with a mitre-cut corner – smooth, clean lines

Our training days, for all our sales staff, have given them a full understanding of how DesignBoard is installed and how the boards are fixed. We’ve made sure they’re privy the little hints and tips that make a job go smoothly in awkward situations, so that with a great product you also get excellent customer service.

 The finished article demonstrates how you can expect your composite decking to look upon completion

And don’t worry if you can’t remember everything our staff tell you. You’ll find all the information you need in the product guide. It’s just that we don’t think a product guide should be your first introduction to understanding our contemporary decking. If anything, it’s a memory jogger of what our sales staff have said.

“Lots of people – well, we know it’s mostly men!” says Antony, “Don’t read anything first. They call us when it’s not going well.” And, of course, we’re still on the end of the phone when you need us, but with all our staff fully trained in the how’s and whys of DesignBoard, we suspect you’ll already be armed with the knowledge to make a speedy and accurate installation.

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