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How External Composite Decking Prevents Damp Inside The House

One of the great pleasures of indoor-outdoor living is being able to throw open the patio doors and step straight out into a space that is, essentially, a continuation of the room inside. Bifold doors have been hugely instrumental in this. To make the experience complete, it’s usually necessary to build the ground outside up to match the level of the indoor flooring.

Daryl Gannon Landscapes shows us how to lay DesignBoard Composite Decking flush with a house

But, that increase in ground height outside can cause problems. Bridge the damp course and block the air brick with groundwork for paving and you’re heading for a more than a slight headache. Trapping damp in the walls results in continuously damp brickwork. That damp transfers to the internal plasterwork and finally blows it off the wall. Before that, there’ll be a history of damp patches, mould and spoilt decoration. Outside, the freeze/thaw action of the weather on damp bricks ends in spalling, where the surface of the bricks breaks away.

“People have come to us who have been looking at paving flush with the patio doors,” says DesignBoard Manager Antony Pasquini. “And of course everything up above the damp course causes problems by blocking the air brick.”

But don’t be put off.

Composite decking is an entirely different matter. DesignBoard can be built onto a heavy-duty recycled plastic sub-frame – which won’t transfer moisture as wood can – and this, with the consistent gaps between boards that the fixing system makes easy, allows good air circulation beneath the decking and won’t obscure the air brick.

Claudia De Yong has enabled her client to step out of their back door and straight onto the DesignBoard composite decking

You also get to enjoy the appearance of a natural-looking material which won’t be funnelling water into the brickwork above the damp course. “The decking finishes flush with the patio doors but retains a good air flow,” adds Antony.

When the wooden decking craze hit a couple of decades ago, one of the reasons was the desire for a smooth transition from house to garden. As we all know, though, wooden decking created its own problems in maintenance, colour fading and slipperiness in wet weather.

DesignBoard composite decking solves all those problems, which means that you can enjoy that luxury feel of stepping out to the decking whenever the weather beckons, with no more than a slide of the patio doors and no worry about the plasterwork!

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