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Easy Installation With Our DesignBoard Composite Decking Product Guide

DesignBoard—how easy is it really to use?

“People ask about the installation in general,” says DesignBoard General Manager Antony Pasquini of the questions he’s fielded over recent months, “and our last guide wasn’t massively detailed.” Since launching DesignBoard, we’ve not only got to know your main concerns about how to install our composite decking, but also garnered a great deal of knowledge in the simplest way to go about it and plenty of tips on how to create the best finish.

Putting all that together, we’re now launching our new DesignBoard Composite Decking Product Guide. Clearly laid out, with lots of detail, it has simple illustrations for each stage of installation, ensuring that you’ll easily achieve the high-quality result you and your customers expect.

Easily navigable and informative – the new DesignBoard Product & Install Guide

You’ll find information on everything from constructing the sub-frame, to the slightly different approaches needed for different edge profiles, to cleaning and maintaining the finished deck.

Not all projects are the same and site conditions differ. “There are a couple of different ways of putting in the first board,” says Antony, “whether the fascia is flush or open.” Illustrations are shown for all the options. “And there’s more information on finishing the installation of the last board.”

There are a various number of edge profile options and ways to install DesignBoard – the guide shows them all!

DesignBoard contemporary decking is installed using the same tools you’d use to build a timber deck and we list everything you need so you’ll have it to hand before you start.

Tips on installation make your job easier, such as storing the decking boards out of the sun prior to installation, for instance, ensures that you won’t be putting in boards that have already expanded in the heat. This means that the recommended 4mm extension gaps where the end of one board meets another won’t turn into something larger.

As with all finishes, it’s the underpinnings that make the difference, so there are clear illustrations on constructing the sub-frame and positioning the boards on it.

Low maintenance and quick-and-easy to install, DesignBoard Composite Decking – Image courtesy of Creative Roots

It might even give you ideas – constructing our composite decking with an open face profile leaves the aluminium edging strip visible, creating a lovely-looking detail that really suits a contemporary design.

Our DesignBoard Composite Decking Product Guide is live now. We think we’ve covered everything you need to know. As ever, though, if there are any other questions, then all you have to do is ask. Contact us on 01753 212950 or email for more information and to request your DesignBoard samples.