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No Introduction Needed For Composite Decking At Grand Designs Live

Grand Designs Live runs for a whole nine days, which gives it a slightly more relaxed atmosphere than many shows. Finishing last Sunday, it gave us plenty of opportunity to introduce visitors to DesignBoard composite decking and it’s certainly lovely to have just a bit more time to interact with potential customers and listen to their needs.

Having every DesignBoard style on display gives customers a chance to envisage their own designs in situ

One thing we have found, though, is that nowadays contemporary decking rarely has to be explained. “Lots of people knew what composite decking was,” says DesignBoard Manager Antony Pasquini, “and they were looking at it because they know it’s better than wooden decking.”

Traditional and Luna proved once again to be the most popular colours, though we noticed that the light-brown tints of Cinnamon attracted a good deal of attention. A blip on the radar of a coming trend, we wonder?

Shows such as Grand Designs Live are a great place for both the public and trade customers to cast their eyes over a multitude of materials and design styles. What visitors weren’t expecting, though, was DesignBoard composite cladding, and ours got plenty of attention. More on that, in the coming weeks!

DesignBoard Luna, as seen here in a scheme by Notts-based Creative Roots, proved to be one of the more popular styles on display

As you can see from the picture, our stand gives a very clear idea of how DesignBoard and composite cladding will enhance an outdoor space. We pair them with Vistagreen’s Artificial Green Wall and have found that people naturally gravitate to the firepit and Acapulco chairs. Even such a simple deck idea inspires people with ideas of what they could do to improve their own garden.

And for us, at our second large retail show of the year, the stand’s starting to feel like home from home!

For more information on DesignBoard composite decking and cladding, contact Antony Pasquini on 01753 212950 or email