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A Warm Hint From DesignBoard Composite Decking

Designers might argue whether darker or lighter composite decking is more useful, but there’s no doubt that darker tones, in browns and greys, have a wide application purely because of the prevalence of older properties and their building materials.

Botanica Garden Design used DesignBoard Charcoal to contrast Grey Yorkstone from London Stone

Included in DesignBoard’s contemporary decking range are the honeyed shades of Amber, Mocha’s coffee and Traditional’s oak-inspired tones. Add in the dark and very popular Charcoal and you have an excellent range of shades that will pick up the undertones in a wide variety of brick and stone, complementing the materials of a traditional property.

However, this doesn’t limit their uses. DesignBoard’s careful colouration and consistent texture offer a modern twist that make it at home in contemporary designs where a deeper warmth is desired. One of the most sought-after in the range is Luna, a mid-grey that works well in both warm and cooler colour schemes, is particularly popular for modern settings and, like greys in general, makes a great background for green foliage.


Landscaper Daryl Gannon used DesignBoard Traditional on this simple, yet effective deck

The combination of composite decking and foliage is worth bearing in mind for shadier areas too. Darker colours imbue an overshadowed corner with a welcoming cosiness, where in conjunction with large-leaved plants they’ll create a verdant hideaway with an exotic vibe.

Practicalities might affect your decision too. If you’re struggling with the choice of dark over light-coloured contemporary decking, then as we pointed out in the last post, lighter colours show up footprints more easily. So, for areas where pets and children come in after exploring the muddier parts of the garden, darker colours cover a multitude of sins and, if you like a cleaner look, won’t make you rush to get the hose out to wash them down so often.

Lydia Hill-Wood, of Hill-Wood & Co. used DesignBoard Mocha to frame her deck on this mixed material scheme

Finally, darker composite deck boards also offer the opportunity to frame sections of a design. Edge lighter composite decking boards, or light-coloured porcelain paving, with darker boards and you have a neat border that clearly delineates the area.

Free samples are available of our full DesignBoard range. Contact us for these and more information on how to incorporate our modern composite decking into your next garden design.