DesignBoard Collection

Let In The Light With DesignBoard Composite Decking

Light or dark, warm or cool. Colours make all the difference. This is why the DesignBoard range has been put together to give you as versatile a collection of composite decking boards as you could wish for.

DesignBoard Silver, light and contemporary, as featured on Grand Designs in 2018 – image courtesy of Rooz Photography

Light and dark colours can have very specific uses within a garden design. If you need to make the most of the light coming into your garden, lighter shades will enhance sunlight and brighten darker areas by reflecting light back.

The lighter DesignBoard colours start at the cool end with the very Scandi feel of Silver, move through the pale grey/beige Greenwich, and warm up to Polar’s creaminess and the washed spicy tones of Cinnamon. Like all light colours, they are ideal for creating that outdoors-y, seaside feel that adds a holiday vibe to your outdoor space.

Lighter colours also draw the eye in a way that darker colours don’t. So, if you have a feature or seating area set away from the house, lighter colours -particularly Silver and Polar – will highlight the area, emphasising it as a destination.

DesignBoard’s decking planks work for both contemporary and traditional designs. The very subtle hints of green amidst the beiges of Greenwich and the warmer walnut browns of Cinnamon, for example, blend very comfortably into areas adjacent to older brickwork and period features. They’re also a good choice in more exposed areas where Silver and Polar might reflect just a little too much sunlight.

Hill-Wood & Co. used DesignBoard Cinammon – bordered with the darker DesignBoard Mocha to create a contrasting space against the natural stone setts

Compared with stained wood, these light-coloured composite decking boards have a huge advantage. Unlike stained wood decking, they don’t come with the headache of high maintenance. Easy to clean and highly stain-resistant, they won’t need to have the colour reapplied at regular intervals either.

However, as with every element of a garden design, it’s worth considering the position and use of the decking in your outdoor space. Is it right next to the lawn? Will the dog be traipsing in and out in all seasons? Is it an area of high foot traffic? How tolerant are you of the odd mark? If footprints and muddy splashes in wet weather will have you itching to wash it down immediately, then a darker colour might be a more comfortable choice.

We’ll look at the darker colour options in our next post. In the meantime, if you’d like more information on the DesignBoard range, contact us for more information or to order your free samples.