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DesignBoard General Manager Antony Pasquini Has The Answers To Your Composite Decking Questions

If you have any questions about DesignBoard composite decking, the person who has all the answers, is DesignBoard general manager, Antony Pasquini. DesignBoard General Manager, Antony Pasquini, pictured here speaking with landscapers and designers at a London Stone event, February 2019

Anthony’s been a firm enthusiast for our contemporary take on composite decking since London Stone first started supplying it. If you’ve ever visited their showroom in Brentwood, Essex, you may have met him when he was showroom manager.

Antony is now in charge of all things DesignBoard, including product development. “It has lots of possibilities,” he says, “and can be used for so many different applications.”

One of the huge benefits is that the decking boards can be used like timber. “If you look at the side profile,” says Antony, “it’s not the same thickness all through because it doesn’t just fit flat, but it can be cut at certain points and it’s not hollow, the way some composite decking is. It cuts and profiles pretty much like timber.”

That’s exactly what we’ve found you’ve been doing – creating new ways of using the planks. Even in the short time it’s been on the market, landscapers have used it for barbecue surrounds, floating benches and doors.

Limebok Landscaping
used DesignBoard to create a seating area

“We’ve had some fantastic designs,” adds Antony. “It’s absolutely down to the person what they do with it. It’s nice that people can pick it up and work with it like they work with wood. Carpenters are picking up a composite decking product and working with it the same way as timber.”

One of the reasons you can do this is that, while lots of decking boards are a bit grainy in composition or not even solid, DesignBoard’s make-up means that exposed edges aren’t a problem. You can even take a router to them to create an edge profile.

So, the only limit to using our composite deck boards is your imagination. We’re expecting to see furniture made of it next. Indeed, we’re tempted to add some to our range ourselves (watch this space!) In the meantime, don’t forget that Antony is ready and waiting to help with your DesignBoard questions.

For more information, contact or call 01753 212 950.