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Rounded Garden Design With DesignBoard Luna

How do you choose the right material for your decking? When Neil Sutcliffe of Creative Roots was handed a brief by a client that included an area for evening relaxation around a fire-pit, he had a choice.

DesignBoard Luna sits harmoniously with the other materials that Neil has used on this outdoor scheme

He could have chosen hard wood. However, the garden is surrounded by trees, which encourage algal growth, especially on wood. In addition, there was already a garden room made of cedar at the back of the house and matching that in decking was out because cedar is a softwood. The clients had also specified something low-maintenance and had budgetary restrictions.

He chose DesignBoard Luna. “DesignBoard doesn’t try to be wood,” says Neil. “Sometimes with composite decking, they end up looking like plastic. DesignBoard hints at the idea of wood, but it is what it is.”

He combined it with a pebble circle in which to seat the fire-pit. Not only does this anchor the pit visually, but it’s practical in ensuring that ultra-hot metal doesn’t come into contact with the composite decking.

Complementing the fire pit perfectly – DesignBoard Luna provides modernity and subtlety

Neil chose to surround the Luna decking with oak sleepers and sunk the decking into the ground. “It’s more interesting in terms of the ground levels, but also a fire-pit feels more natural surrounded by garden.” As the ground slopes towards the edge of the deck, it meant he could create a complete circle uninterrupted by steps.

That gave Luna a chance to shine. DesignBoard has its own distinct character. “It’s got quite a lot of different patterns,” adds Neil, “a nice texture, and nice colour variation in the grain.”London Stone’s Sandy White Porcelain provides a colour and texture contrast to the decked area

He paired it with Porcelain from DesignBoard stockist, London Stone. “I particularly liked the style,” says Neil. “The colour worked well with the Sandy White Porcelain, balancing the whiteness.” And, of course, the clients have outdoor decking that matches their paving in its low-maintenance and hard-wearing qualities.

While Neil chose Luna for its aesthetic qualities and good value, he’s also very pleased with the installation. He created the circle with the oak sleepers, then built the deck frame into that. “The hidden fixings system is great. We had no problems,” he says.

The result is an evening seating area that the clients are delighted with. If you’d like more information on our DesignBoard composite decking, get in contact on or 01753 212 950.